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Cross Border Claims

Access to the right expertise


Optimise Your Goals and Objectives

With offices in the UK and Belgium, Cross Border Claims provides a mutual gateway
for claims involving UK citizens in Europe, and European citizens claiming in the UK
as a result of catastrophic accidents.

Our service offering is an individually tailored third party administration and claims
assessment service delivered through an extensive and established network of legal
professionals and experts.


Transparency, Integrity, Discretion and Ethical

Our respective CEOs have built their reputation on complete transparency, honesty and integrity throughout their lengthy careers in the personal injury marketplace and this ethos is at the core of CBC.

We treat every participant in the process as a valued customer, ensuring a high quality service delivery and always providing the support and commitment they deserve.



Bringing  light to complex situations.

Investigating claims requires a specific approach and knowledge: our experienced investigators assessors combine their broad knowledge with forensic expertise.

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